Eden Valley Foods Limited has the capability to pack and blend various food products into various flexible and rigid packing formats and sized in an efficient and flexible manner.


Doy Bags

Food Service Pails

Pillow & Block Bottom


Eden Valley Foods has the quality systems and necessary certifications to meet the highest standards in the food industry, including HACCP and many other third part certifications.


At Eden Valley we work with our partners to develop our services to meet their needs. More importantly, we are committed to implementing and maintaining quality management systems and processes to deliver the highest practicable quality services. Efficiency and flexibility is at the heart of our service.
Eden Valley ensures compliance with legal and other applicable standards and also educates and trains our people to support the delivery of high quality services. At Eden Valley we follow the HACCP principles such as:

  • - Buy from approved suppliers only
  • - Manage Risk in a professional manner
  • - Follow Traceability
  • - Provide adequate training to staff about GMP
  • - Labelling compliance
  • - Thrive for Continuous improvement
  • - Customer complaints are handled with care