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Eden Valley Foods Limited is a privately owned company that provides services for the contract manufacture and packaging of dry foods. Eden Valley is one of New Zealand's only committed companies that provides it's clients with all the necessary expertise and services to manage products from development and supply of bulk food ingredients, through to blending, milling and onto contract packaging.

At Eden Valley, we strive to be an efficient co-manufacturing partner for food manufacturers and brand owners in New Zealand and around the globe.




Suneet entered the food industry over five years ago with a wholesale importing business, sourcing products such as rice, lentils, beans, spices and pulses, from United States, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Dubai and India. This business has become NZ's leading importer in the commodity product market through concrete alliances with distributors and suppliers across the globe.

More recently, Suneet saw the untapped Food Packing market as a new opportunity for similar businesses in NZ to integrate vertically and reach consumers directly in a more efficient and flexible manner.


Alkesh is a Food Technologist with over 40 years of experience working across nationally and internationally recognised food brands in India, Nepal, Russia, Zambia, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand; specialising in quality assurance, manufacturing, procurement, sales, FMCG, and supply chain. He has spent the last 20 years working in the New Zealand food market and has extensive knowledge in food safety practices, GMP, HACCP and FSANZ labelling compliance and bulk food procurement.

Alkesh heads the operations at Eden Valley and available for a consultation.


Eden Valley Food strives to provide outstanding value to it's customers and aims to deliver output in a timely, efficient and flexible manner. We exercise true ownership in what we do and behave with integrity.

At the same time, safety is a fundamental principal to how we conduct our business on a day to day basis. Eden Valley ensures that its activities conform to the relevant established practices including New Zealand health and safety standards.

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