Eden Valley Foods is committed to providing its clients with the necessary expertise and services to manage products from product development and supply of bulk food ingredients, through to blending, milling and onto contract packaging.


We offer our customers help in product design, testing and formulation, ultimately enabling them to take their products from concept to the market.


We blend multiple dry products and can pack these into 1 tonne bulk bags or the desired packaging. All products are sieved into the blender and metal checked out of the blender.


Eden Valley Food has the capability to pack any dry food product into various formats and sizes. From flexible materials for bags to ridged containers.


We take pride in our Milling process. Our hammer mill grinder is designed to reduce bulk material (ie: chickpeas) into smaller pieces (ie: chickpea flour,) either by crushing or shredding.


Eden Valley can help you source food products such as rice, cashews, various tree nuts, lentils, beans, spices and pulses globally, from countries like the USA, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Dubai and India.

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